info@gersteltec.ch +41 (0)79 564 34 23 General-Guisan 26, 1009 Pully, Switzerland CH
info@gersteltec.ch +41 (0)79 564 34 23 General-Guisan 26, 1009 Pully, Switzerland CH
Gersteltec Engineering Solutions
Swiss Made SU-8 photoepoxy functional products for MEMS, LIGA and Microelectronics


Gersteltec is an innovative company, established in Switzerland in 2004, develops, manufactures, sells, and supports innovative epoxy photo-resists, photo-dielectrics and ancillary products used in the fabrication of micro-structures as MEMS, MOMES, BioMEMS, and LIGA micro-parts. Products offered by Gersteltec are based on advanced resin and SU-8 technology with specific properties to match the customer’s requirements. They offer unique miniaturization, nanoscale effects, and integration capabilities.

Gersteltec’s unique expertise covers:

  • The ability to combine nanoparticles with standard SU-8 negative epoxy to achieve specific electrical/thermal/physical/optical properties;
  • Proven experience in bio-compatible SU-8 photoresists without toxicity that is suitable for instance for microfluidic devices for diagnosis, or neural applications

Gersteltec supplies solutions to the challenges its customers are facing in their development and production process.

Business Fields

Waveguides, Lenses, Optical interconnect

Lab-On-Chip, Actuators, µ-traps, Sensors, Drug Delivery systems.

Engineering of Neuronal Networks, Micro Electrode Array (MEA), System for stimulation, Electrodes.

Watch Industry, Horology movements, Gears, Spring, Grippers, Metallic part

Waveguide structures, Photonic crystal, Security Labels, Nanotechnology.

Flexible technology, Cavities Assembly, Microfludic assembly WLP, CSP, Bonding

Cavities Assembly, SU8 master, SU8 cap

Offering high-performance dielectric and conductive nano ink for various applications

Providing the products and specific solutions for many kinds of display manufacturing as pixels , black matrix, dielectric and planarization layer

Offering new products developement for new bussinesses field, Coating Nanoparticles, Pips coating, Low friction conductivity.

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Many companies, universities, small businesses, mature biotechs, pharmas and start-up companies are SU-8 customers, including: