Gersteltec offers ready-to-use formulated products. Customers can select filler types according to their choice. Several common fillers are used to get the desired end products that offer extremely high mechanical, physical and thermal resistance. At Gersteltec, the smallest particles have a big effect: Gersteltec  uses nano-objects to develop and produce innovative high-technology additives that give completely new combinations of properties to a wide range of epoxy substances. The results are materials with superior characteristics that give our clients a decisive lead over the competition.

Name Functional

Specials parameters


GLM 2060

Isolated, Low-Stress

Passivation layer

Low thermal expansion

CTE 27 (ppm/K)

low temperature processing 95-120°C


GLM 2060   
GMPI 10xx Bio                   microfludic EPFL
Acrylate Tailor made product   Microfludic application
GCM3060 Conductive


100-1000000 (S/m)

GCM 3060  

GMC   10XX Filter , colorfilter array (CFA), Color filter mosaic (CFM). Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet, Green  
GMCD 10XX Filter,disply, Hide defect   Black     GMCD10XX  




For E-Beam Lithography

A. Vasdekis

GCM3060 For Proton Beam Lithography


GM10xx For InkJet deposition


GLMPI2075 For Laser Lithography

M. Thiel


GMCNT SU8-Carbon Nanotube (CNT).  Tailor made Products

  Isolated SWCNT.  Tailor made Products



  Conductive MWCNT.  Tailor made Products