About Us

Gersteltec is an innovative company, established in Switzerland in 2004. It is a provider of services, solutions  and products to manufacture SU-8 photoresist and its related products.
Gersteltec is the leading representative and distributor of licenses for SU8 Photoepoxy for MEMS, MOMES, BioMEMS and LIGA applications.
Gersteltec supplies solutions to the challenges its customers are facing in their development and production process.
 has a large customer base of major worldwide companies conducting business in the areas of bio-pharmaceuticals, optical-communications, bio-medics. It also plays a prominent role in relation to projects undertaken by European organizations as well as start-up companies. Gersteltec offers a wide range of MEMS, MOMES and microfluidic engineering solutions.

How Gersteltec can support you:

Gersteltec's know-how covers the selection of suitable SU-8 photoepoxy for optical and mechanical designs, and for mould LIGA manufacturing coatings in a clean room environment. It offers its knowledge and cooperation from product ideas to design and development, including high quality/quantity production.


A New technology developer:

Gersteltec has developed multi-functional SU8 Nanocomposite technologies to enable the design and development of high perfomance microsystems, microparts and nano-coating.