Welcome to SU-8 Photoepoxy

Today you need more from your suppliers than just materials. You need specific resources that can carry out your project from conception to commercialization. Gersteltec can be your partner in achieving this result.

Gersteltec offers several kinds of SU-8  photoresists under different products forms that can give your company an extra competitive edge.

Gersteltec offers ready-to-use formulated products with different types of filler, pigments, ink and solvent (ceton, ether acetate, aromathic and more) according to your needs. 

Gersteltec  photoepoxy materials  and products meet and exceed the needs of the world´s leading microsystem device makers with advanced functional SU-8 photoresist.    

SU-8 photoresist is based on an epoxy resin developed by IBM.  SU-8 is a thick, near-UV photoresist technology through i-line, and has advantages for the semiconductor industry as well as for microtechnologies and nano applications.

SU-8 is specifically used for applications requiring high aspect ratios in very thick layers with vertical sidewall profiles. SU-8 is used in the development of MEMS, MOMES, UV-LIGA microfabrication and coatings.

SU-8 can be patterned by several lithography techniques, such as X-ray, UV and e-Beam.


Innovation and investment in the future are hallmarks of Gersteltec's approach.