Foundry Services

Gersteltec  fab services offer a full line-up of technologies, including MEMS, MOMES and LIGA design. Gersteltec’s production-proven wafer process provides customers with industry-leading products and services, such as its enhanced SU-8 and functional SU-8 process. Coupled with its proven process technologies, Gersteltec offers a full line-up of libraries, IPs and dedicated engineering resources to bring your design ideas to production. 

Wafer Fab Service

Gersteltec is the only Funactional SU-8 supplier in the world that can provide customers with leading MEMS, MOMES and LIGA process technology with copper interconnects and low-k dielectrics.Gersteltec offers full turn-key services including design support, testing, bonding, packaging and product engineering.

Advanced Assembly MEMS Packaging 

Providing unmatched, one-stop, turnkey packaging services, Gersteltec is the acknowledged global leader in advanced SU-8 packaging technology, innovation, patents and manufacturing techniques, enabling its customers to meet market demands today and in the future.

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