SU-8 Process Development

Gersteltec provides SU-8 based nanocomposites with specific properties. It has designed low stress SU-8 photoresist and a conductive SU-8 photoresist.

This technology allows the development of new functional photoresist based on the SU-8 resin which can be modified to match the customer´s requirements. These adaptable photoresists can be used with semiconductors in microtechnologies and in nano applications.

Gersteltec specifies the optimal fabrication process for SU-8 microsystem devices, providing valuable expert advice.


SEM image of a SU8 gears GM1075 and a MEMS Electrostatic Micro gripper in conductive SU-8 GCM3060   SEM Image of a photonic crystal and microfludic design structure Nanoscribe GmbH

provides foundry services through the equipment of the CMI cleanroom at EPFL



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