Applications Areas

SU-8 resist for Optical

Flexible Display, E-paper, SU8 dielectric layer, Spacer , Photonique Crystal, Inkjet printing of micro lenses, Planer and Optical waveguide, Micro-mirror.


SU-8 Resist for Microfludic & Actuator  

Biochip, Microreactor, Lab-On-Chip, Microarray


SU-8 Resist for LIGA- Molds-Micropart-Electroforming

Gears, Grippers, Metallic parts


SU-8 Resist for BioMEMS, Brain Sciences

Electrodes, Micro Electrode Array (MEA) system for STIMULATION

Dissociated cell cultures (neurons, heart muscle cells, ... ), Deep Brain electrode...

SU-8 Resist for Nanoscaled Devices & Nanoimprint


SU-8 Resist for Wafer-Level Package (WLP) Chip-Scale Packaging (CSP)

Bonding, Cavities Assembly, SU8 master, SU8 cap




SU-8 Resist for Micro-Mold Fabrication of PDMS Castings